Chinese Film Distribution & Co Production. 



Film Distribution:


We distribute small to medium sized films theatrically in China under the foreign film quota.


We are looking for quality films that will have strong commercial appeal in China.  Sci-Fi, Comic Book Hero and Action movies with strong visual elements and quicker pacing tend to fit this profile.  


Quality films from other genres have also done well.  Notable cast that are familiar in China boosts the potential for commercial success.


We would expect a theatrical release of between 3,000 and 3,700 screens for films that have strong appeal to a Chinese audience.


Film Producers and Studios are invited to contact us to evaluate their existing film for theatrical release in China.  We can do an initial evaluation based on a trailer.





We are currently seeking projects that we can package as Chinese Co-Production.  We are especially interested in larger projects ($80M+ USD) with strong “A” list attachments that already have some level of financing and distribution attached.  “A” level attachments include notable Producers, Directors, Cast and/or Distribution.  Studio involvement on any level is a plus for larger projects.


We will also consider packaging smaller and medium sized projects as Chinese Co-Production on a case-by-case basis.


Room for Chinese elements (ie.  cast, financing and/or service) is essential to packaging Chinese Co-Production.  Ideally, Chinese financing for Co-Production projects would be between 20% - 50% of the budget.


Structuring a project as a Chinese Co-Production allows for theatrical distribution in China as a local film without going through the foreign film quota.